About Me

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Raised in Tampa all my life, I’m pursuing a B.A. in Mass Communications-Broadcast News at the University of South Florida. I aspire to be a young news reporter, sharing my passion for connecting with the public and informing them about the world they live in. I have been blessed with a supportive family graduating as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2016 from the Universal Academy of Florida and a part of USF’s Honors College.

From a very young age I was always involved with acting and that’s where my love for public speaking and extroversion blossomed. My attraction to news broadcasting specifically came to me when I entered high school. A news anchor on my school-wide morning show, actor, and producer for school plays, and actor and director for several short films, I immersed myself in these activities to improve my experience in presenting.

Since I’m the eldest of my two siblings, I’m also a natural leader. I’ve been the president of numerous clubs in my high school years, so I’ve been capable of handling many responsibilities at the same time effectively. From NHS to MUN to my local youth group, I’ve done it all.

In addition, I’m active in giving back to my community as well as through sports. Through volunteering for over 10 organizations, I have an innate love for service. This love for service also includes my love for the outdoors- I’m always looking forward to any outdoor activity.

Currently, I’m gradually finding my way through USF’s rigorous curriculum while working on achieving USF’s Global Citizen’s award. During my years at USF, I’ve contributed to USF’s Digital Network, created videos for the Dean of the Honor’s College, and have been a contributing Multimedia Journalist on Florida Focus, a two-minute news brief that airs on a PBS affiliate station.

I look forward to formally exploring the world of news reporting as a young Muslim American.