Arts4All Florida: the history, rebrand and future

TAMPA – Arts4AllFlorida, formerly known as VSA Florida underwent a rebrand in 2018. The organization felt a new name would better reflect their purpose.

Wendy Finklea, the program director, said Arts4All Florida, “provides, supports, and champions arts education and really rich cultural experiences for and by people with disabilities.”

Arts4All Florida has been headquartered at the University of South Florida since 1996. It was founded by Jean Kennedy Smith in 1974.

William Black serves as the principal investigator of special education programs at USF. Black oversees programs that Arts4All Florida hosts like the community arts program at the Land O’ Lakes Recreation Complex.

“That program is taught by Nanci Dorau, our teaching artist,” Finklea said. “It’s a theater, music and dance program.”

Arts4All Florida also brings dance groups like ILL-Abilities to perform at USF and hosts art calendar contests.

“It’s a wonderful way to showcase our professional artists and to generate more awareness about artists with disabilities throughout the state,” Sandra Sroka, the adult program coordinator said.

Arts4All Florida announces all events and programs on Facebook.