Maple Street Connects the Community with Comfort Food


TAMPA – Maple Street Biscuit Company’s branch in Carrollwood wanted to develop strong ties to the community. The store does this by championing care for quality food and by providing gracious service.

The company started in Jacksonville in 2012. Carrollwood’s “community store” is now one of many in the Tampa Bay area.

Troy Gibson, the store’s community leader, said he loves being able to give back directly to customers.

“Really the key difference between what we do and other restaurants do is our involvement in the community,” Troy Gibson said.

The restaurants are also popular for their modern twist on comfort food. One menu item, “The Squawking Goat Biscuit,” was featured Food Network’s Guilty Pleasures.

“But most popular is our Five and Dime,” Troy Gibson said. “It’s going to be a flaky biscuit, which we make fresh in-house all day, an all-natural fried chicken breast, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, our housemade sausage gravy and then we top it off with a fried egg.”

Frequent customers said they enjoy the store for its simplistic, country vibe.

“It’s always perfect,” Frederick Bedford, a customer, said. “And you know, the pricing’s right and it’s a good place to come eat.”