TAMPA, Fla. – Jordan Zimmerman is not only owner of an ad agency worth billions, but also is a donor, alumnus and vice president of USF’s Board of Trustees. He spoke at the MUMA College of Business yesterday to inspire students to dream bigger.

In 2015, USF’s School of Mass Communications was renamed to the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications to honor Zimmerman’s $10 million gift. Speaking to students is another way for him to give back.

Zimmerman began his speech thanking all attendees for choosing USF.

“I believe this is the number one university in Florida,” he said. “I truly believe that.”

Then, he encouraged students to think of their current salary, or dream salary, and to multiply that number two or three times. This exercise was to motivate students to never limit their dreams.

“Chase the dream that one day would become possible,” Zimmerman said. “Don’t just double or triple, you should be 10x-ing your lives.”

Zimmerman started from humble beginnings. He showed the audience his first car and office, then flashed his luxurious plane and one of his many offices and cars on the big screen. Zimmerman wasn’t showing his possessions to brag, but to show the benefits you can reap from working hard.

“Turn your fears into fuel,” Zimmerman said. “If you’re not the smartest, work the hardest.”

Zimmerman heavily emphasized the importance of “A Brand Called You” and the necessity to stand out with something new.

“People are dream robbers,” Zimmerman said. “Innovation is differentiation.”

He concluded his speech by describing the students as the “trophy generation,” pushing once more for students to step up, to be leaders and to win.

Then, Howard Finkelstein, Broward county’s public defender, asked students to search deep in their hearts and find their passions.

Both alumni left students inspired.