Radiant Hands is a nonprofit organization that gives help to families in need, particularly women and children.

After they opened their new office, the now provide “Individual and Family Counseling” and guidance to resources for “Job Training, Money Management, English Language & GED courses.”

Their new location is close to USF, which you can view down below:

Radiant Hands has specific goals, and the organization has been working for 12 years to achieve them:

  • Act as a collective support network, resource, and voice for women.
  • Establish, support, and facilitate education activities.
  • Generate and when considered appropriate, distribute funds as needed.
  • Develop a list of available governmental and community resources to assist women according to their specific needs.
  • Recognize and utilize alternative resources available (i.e. time, transportation, etc.) thereby optimizing the skills and abilities of all contributing members of the organization.

They are very active on Facebook, and often post events about to help the community.