TMC @ USF hosted one of their biggest events of the year: Entertainment night. With over 200 people, the Oval Theater had kids, teens, and adults. There was also fresh popcorn right outside the doors. This was the flyer that was sent out to hundreds of people:

Mohammad Sial (the President of the organization) and I had the pleasure of being the emcee’s for the event. We got to introduce the speakers on stage. First there was the Talent Show winner Christina Ali who performed a little comedy bit. Here’s a post of her reaction to that night:

Next, Ammar AlShukry, a spoken word artist performed a piece with his words syncing to awesome infographics. Here is a snippet of his performance:

And here’s the infographic he had with his performance:

Then, Omar Regan, a man who has been a part of movies like Rush Hour 2, was the main comedian of the night. He owns his own production studios called Halaywood, and is in the process of filming another movie. To view his site, click here. His energy bounced off to the crowd and the purpose of the event was fulfilled: a night of family fun.

If you’d like to learn more about TMC@USF refer to this post.