Pious Projects is an organization that allows many different organizations across the globe to cooperate using their site. They host a global crowdfunding platform.

Their mission is: to empower everyone to change the world, one donation at a time. We believe that many people love to help, but either don’t know where to search.

On Saturday, the Tampa chapter from Pious Projects hosted their 3rd annual Feed the Hungry event.

Volunteers helped package over 1,000 meals. This picture was featured on my Instagram story.
The center was set up as an assembly line, in this order:

  1. Bread
  2. Slices of turkey (2 slices per sandwich)
  3. American cheese
  4. Shredded lettuce
  5. Mayo packet
  6. Napkin
  7. Juice
  8. Paper bag

The paper bags were decorated by young girl scouts with heartwarming messages. The meals were then distributed all across Tampa bay’s homeless shelters.

Check out some photos from the event:

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Pious Projects also benefits those who donate because they’re a 501(c)(3) organization.


You can donate to any of their various charities here.