The Muslim Connection is an organization that strives to connect Muslim youth to their community. The organization has a branch in New Tampa, Temple Terrace, and USF.

They host volunteer projects that provide food for places in crisis and hygiene products for the less fortunate. TMC is also huge on self development.  The organization also has a Saturday school which helps children improve their reading and writing skills, as well as a summer camp. There even is a sports league that includes soccer and basketball for almost all age groups.

Today, there was a workshop on how conflict resolution and maintaining a happy family with Tampa Bay therapist Mahmoud Hassan.

Mahmoud Hassan, Administrator at Tampa Bay Therapist & Associates giving a talk on Conflict Resolution.
(From Left to Right): Hamza Khan, Vice President of TMC @ USF, Kareem Elgendi, Member, and Mohammad Sial, President of TMC @ USF