The bell rings.


Sr.Marium enters the classroom. She tells us to put the chairs in a circle. I don’t question this. We’ve assembled our chairs in a circle many times before.


I converse with my classmates. After a little we all realize that Sr.Marium was completely silent. Was she waiting for us to be quiet? Did she say a pair of instructions and we didn’t hear them? Is she upset? Was she going to explain all of this tomorrow? I got pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. Unexpected silence really bothers me. I also got really nervous – not knowing what to expect really freaks me out too. I’m always used to being on the top of things, so the fact that she wasn’t speaking and wasn’t explaining really intrigued me. I like puzzles…. not being puzzled. My left foot continuously tapped on the leg of the chair, while my hands were fidgeting with my bracelets. I was trying to distract myself..


Officially deciding that all of us had no idea of what was going on, we all just sat and talked together. Phew


Every once in a while one of us would glance over at Sr.Marium and analyze her facial reactions. We figured that since she would occasionally smile at what some of us said, she wasn’t upset with us. Part of me wanted the class period to end so I could resume the norrrrmal school day routine. Something familiar. Another part of me was happy that we were all sitting together, conversing about the most random topics. I needed that. Sometimes it’s good to just sit down and chill out.


Sr.Marium tells us to write a 250 word blog about our class today. Haha what?¿?¿?¿ How am I supposed to come up with 250 words about the weirdest class period of my life? What time does this class even end?