I read through the list of roles three times. Why? Because I’m thorough. Detail oriented. I like perfection.

I’ve always been an active member in everything I participate in, Alhamdulilah. I’ve also been a part of a wide range of activities throughout my life, such as Girl Scouts, sports, acting, youth groups, on campus clubs and much more. The core of taking on any type of responsibility lies one’s experience, efforts, and determination. I’ve had experience in many leadership roles before, and the role of either the Editor in Chief or Managing Editor seems fit. Ever since UAF’s Falcon Forum has been established, I have been writing articles, taking pictures, and even working on the layout for the school’s newspaper. Sr.Tina allowed a rotation of roles, and I was assigned to be the editor for the newspaper that went out at UAF’s Annual Banquet. (pretty big deal) Since I’ve already devoted so much time in thinking about the cover, layout, and many other elements in regards to the yearbook, I feel like I have already performed some of the duties associated with these roles. Being interested in Journalism as a career path, I feel like taking on this duty will greatly prepare me for what’s to come, and will give me great insight and experience. I’m currently ISONET Youth Group’s President, and since taking on that role I have become more open to compromise, an essential skill that will be used often. In addition, I feel that I’m a very well rounded person, and that my many qualities can be put into good use in ensuring that UAF is also represented in a well rounded manner.