After seeing everyone in the class’ ideas for the yearbook, I feel like we could actually come up with something that will please everyone. I was worried earlier on in our discussions because there were completely different ideas going on, but I think we’re getting closer to a decision. I feel like most of us like the 3D yearbook cover design. It’s sleek, and more importantly, it’s never been done before. And essentially that’s what our class is all about. We’re a diverse group of people, and I feel like UAF as a whole is too. Along with the concept of the 3D cover, I reeeeeeeallly like the lights. But not just lights in general, more like playing around with colors and metallic stuff. I was thinking of lanterns in specific, because they have a really nice classy feel, plus the whole Islamic art thing too. I found pictures of metallic lanterns with these hollow designs that would look really nice. We could also use those geometric patterns throughout the yearbook. The light itself could represent knowledge, and our bright futures iA. It could even be linked to exploring new things,  and holding a light to guide us. Calligraphy is also very in nowadays and I would like to incorporate that in our yearbook as well. In class we came up with a hollow lantern or an image and have something cool behind it. I think the metallic different colored bubbles in the brochure on my Pinterest board or something like that would look really unique.