I exist.

Those are two of the most touching words that have been told to Dave Isay. His father was his hero, and like Dave, everyone has that special someone that truly inspires them.  We often feel distant from all the other human beings around us that we don’t “know”. Mailmen, cashiers, waiters, you name it, and most people don’t feel any notion to want to “know” them. Most of us are focused on “us” and “our” friends, while we cease to realize the most essential unifying fact of all..

we are human.

Acknowledging that our skin, gender, race, age, and nationality are merely just labels, one can truly relate to anyone simply because they are human. And that is precisely what Dave wanted to capture. So many people have struggles, hopes, dreams, and hardships worth sharing. Lives that must be heard about. Feelings that must be shared. I think it’s brilliant to collect bits and pieces to make a mosaic of the most dear thing to us all: life. Dave is behind StoryCorps, which is the largest collection of human voices to this date. Stories from people whose origins can trace to all parts of the world share their innermost feelings and conversations with their loved ones. Those individuals are just the ones lucky enough to have gotten interviews with their loved ones before it was too late. Dave was crushed when his father passed away, but with the hundreds of voices with millions of emotions surround him, his journey makes it all worth it.

People are basically good..

StoryCorps is a blessing. It has brought loving mother Sarah and Asperger’s syndrome diagnosed Josh Littman to a heartwarming ability to communicate his uniqueness. It has brought a mourning over her murdered son Mary and a renewed Oshea to an irreplaceable friendship which to “us” should seem like an endless hatred. It has brought smiles and nostalgic memories for Danny and Annie, who’s romance is far from dead. In my opinion, the best feature of StoryCorps is how “authentic and pure” it is. Just imagining that people from hundreds of years down the line can have access to last conversation thoughts from places like Grand Central Booth of their long gone family members is surreal. It’s like sharing a part of you with all you love to be kept safe- forever treasured. Everything leading up to the interview is special as well, because essentially the interview itself is why two people are brought together to begin with. Just thinking let alone listening to someone’s potential milestone in life is something truly amazing. Being able to experience emotions is another major feat, and feeling for others is also a very humbling experience.

If I were to ever interview anyone, it would be my mother. The amount of love she has given me over the years is insurmountable. I am forever grateful for her, and I honestly don’t know how one can give so much, while still never expecting anything in return.  Just trying to understand her level of patience is beyond me.  She has given me everything I could have ever imagined and much more, and I doubt I’d ever be able to repay her.